U3A Resources


 U3A Presentation >  ~ Power Point

 U3A Starter Kit >   ~ Word 

 Tips for running Study or Interest Groups >
  Browns Bay version  ~pdf

 Year Group Planner >  for above ~ Word

 Generic Poster >  to advertise a meeting ~ Word

 Samples of publicity pamphlets > ~ zipped

 U3A logo artwork > ~ zipped

Files and Programs 

To view many of these files, an installed program on your device is needed.
New phones and tablets cannot extract zip files.

FREE Graphics Editor    paint.net
This program will allow you to prepare photos and graphics for your Local U3A Home Page. Cropping is usually needed.

Look at this trusted www.ninite.com > site under imaging.
If help is needed, Google for paint.net tutorials. There are other Graphics Editors out there.

Take care some free programs sometimes leave adware.