Ukulele - Musician - Chorister Groups

U3A Tauranga Ukulele Group

Tauranga Ukulele Group at weekly jam session 1.30 - 3.30pm Mondays 

The group has grown from just 6 members four years ago to 30+ members today. We cover a fairly wide cross section of music, which we all contribute to. We are very fortunate to have June Pharo lead the group and she does her best to get us to play and sing the songs to the best of our ability. However the overriding theme of the group is to spend a couple hours every week having fun with music and enjoying each other’s company.
Convener Eileen 07 576 3183

If your U3A has a Ukulele Group, U3A NZ would like to hear from you. Further suggestions & info contact
Garry via email >
Garry has created the web page
for all NZ U3A to obtain Ukulele resources.


Browns Bay Wednesday UKULELE Group >

This group was formed in Feb 2019
Meets every Wednesday at 1.00pm except school holidays
Presbyterian Church Hall, 45 Anzac Road, Browns Bay.

Ukulele Music Charts & Lesson / Tutorials here >

Playing an Instrument BENEFITS YOUR BRAIN >

Wairarapa Ukulele Group - 10.00 am Fridays
Currently our group comprises a few regular players, and we would dearly love to have more people join us. Previous experience is not necessary, just an enthusiasm for making music together. We meet every Friday at 10am in the Education Centre, 22 Dixon Street. Convenor:
Christine 04 379 6975

U3A Ponsonby Group

Ponsonby U3A Ukulele and Sing-along

We have been having fun sessions from 2017. We get together twice a month 2nd & 4th Tues at 1.30pm and at Christmas luncheons have led singalongs.

Bay of Islands U3A Singing for Fun 1st Tues 10 am
We welcome shower singers, songsters, trillers, crooners, yodellers… anyone who wants to get together for a singsong. No auditions required. The talentless and talented alike are welcome. Members do not need to be able to read music, nor is there any requirement to be able to sing in tune.

Mt Albert U3A Singing For Fun 1.30 pm 3rd Friday
A group catering for those who love to sing, with the emphasis placed on the FUN factor, led by a very experienced choir leader and accompanist.

U3A Tawa Ukulele Group

Tawa Ukulele Group 1:30pm Fridays
Tawa Library 

It is a common experience that people will often say that one of their main regrets in life is that they never learned to play a musical instrument. Playing the Ukulele is also a first-rate way of developing and maintaining a good level of mind/body coordination especially as such skills deteriorate with age.
Each time the group learns a new chord on their four-stringed instruments they open a whole new range of tunes for them to learn and perform.
Co-ord. Jasmine 04 238 2191

Playing an Instrument BENEFITS YOUR BRAIN >

Tawa U3A Music Performance & U3A Singers
Co-ord. Gillian 04 232 4200 or 021 231 4240

U3A Gisborne Ukulele

Gisborne Ukulele Group "Uke'n'sing" & the Singing Group "Semi Quavers"

Above Ann, Derek, Norm and a doggy fan. - March 2022
Ukulele Group "Uke'n'sing" meets 2nd and 4th Thursday 10.00 - 11.00am
We have combined the 3 uke groups to one group and now with a larger group can meet in the church hall.

Singing Group "Semi Quavers" meet 2nd and 4th Mondays 10.00 m - 11.00 am

Hamilton U3A UKULELE Group

Wellington U3A Performing Music Group
New members welcome. Jennifer 04 479 5325

Wakatipu U3A Performance Music Group